On the 11th August 2021, the first payload of the Science Payload Operation Centre (SPOC) was officially named Rongowai – composed of the Te reo Māori words Rongo (to sense) and Wai (water) – and showcased for over 60 VIPs involved in New Zealand’s space, aviation, environmental, and defence sectors. The event consisted of several short talks given by Prof Delwyn Moller (UoA and PI), Michael Steedman (UoA Kaiarataki), Prof Chris Ruf (NASA and University of Michigan),  Dr Peter Crabtree (MBIE and New Zealand Space Agency), Wayne Thomas (Air New Zealand), Mike Taitoko (Takiwā and Toha), and Prof Mahta Moghaddam (NASA and Univ. Southern California), as well as demonstrations of both the science and payload support capabilities in place for the launch of Rongowai in early 2022.